Transparence sur la sécurité et l’utilisation des herbicides à base de glyphosate en Europe


Documents réglementaires

Nations unies

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WHO environmental health criteria of glyphosate (1994)

Joint FAO/WHO evaluation (2004 Part II—Toxicology) with information on the acceptable daily intake of glyphosate (ADI)

WHO Drinking Water Guidelinesfor glyphosate and AMPA


Union européenne

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EU policy on the approval of pesticides in Europe

Search the outcome of glyphosate review reports (i.e. the outcome of Annex I inclusion) and inclusion directive

Commission Directive 2001/99/EC

Commission Directive 2010/77/EU

Commission working document - Review report for the active substance glyphosate / Finalised in the Standing Committee on Plant Health (June 2001)

Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health - Plant Protection Products - Legislation 22-23 November 2010 - Summary Report

Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health - Plant Protection Products - Legislation 14-15 July 2011 - Summary Report



États membres


Current, preliminary assessment of glyphosate by the BfR (July 2011)

Frequently Asked Questions on the Health Risk Assessment of Glyphosate (November 2011)



AFSSA-Statement on the substance glyphosate


Statement about a study on toxicological effects of glyphosate (Benachour N. und Seralini G.-E. (2009)

Information of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) on glyphosate



EPA Reregistration Eligibility Decision - Fact Sheet
EPA, September 1993 / Full dosier

Information Note: Reconsideration of a Request for the Special Review of Glyphosate Herbicides Containing Polyethoxylated Tallowamine (2012)

Review of the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) on pesticides and human health (2011)



Review of the National Registration Authority

Report of the Australian Pesticides and Veterenary Medicines Authority (APVMA) of the Earth Open Source study "Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?"

Regulatory update: APVMA sees no need to revise the current Australian Acceptable daily Intake (ADI).

Last update: 21 Novembre 2017